Three-way cooperation between the Warsaw Piano Workshop and piano courses in Lithuania and Germany

In December 2017 the Warsaw Piano Workshop established three-way cooperation with two European piano courses – the Klaipėda Piano Masters, taking place every year in July and Klavierakademie FEUERWERK, organized every January in Einbeck – a Hanseatic town situated close to Hannover. Starting from 2018 all the courses will provide common artistic and promotional support. Both of our partner piano courses from Lithuania and Germany include big number of concerts with participants’ performances, the same bringing big value to cooperation that already starts.

The system of mutual scholarships linking all three piano courses seems to be the most important element of common cooperation. Every year one participant of the Klaipėda Piano Masters will receive full scholarship for his/her participation in the Warsaw Piano Workshop. Another scholarship holder will be chosen by the Director of the Warsaw Piano Workshop, gaining possibility to attend Klavierakademie FEUERWERK on the same conditions.

We are very happy to welcome courses from Lithuania and Germany among our partners and we’re looking forward to mutual cooperation. As to future scholars – we wish you a lot of fruitful work and artistic impressions.

The Klaipėda Piano Masters:

Klavierakademie FEUERWERK:

The Warsaw Piano Workshop: